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In a second I will originate a magnificent post for Microblogvember mbnov

November is a great time for one’s heating to be selective about working…


I wasn’t able to post (via Micropub) from iOS having used Sunlit (repeatability of failure).

Microblogvember mbnov

It appears one can either be logged into or Sunlit, and Known; otherwise 403

Logging into Known with both breaks posting via Micropub

If it’s cold where you are, try to stay warm.

Microblogvember mbnov

All this micropub testing might be a touch excessive? 🙃 Microblogvember mbnov

Too easy to state that it’s cold in the Northern hemisphere, or indeed to say that it’s cold season up here 🤧

The sky is dark. Drizzle is falling.
The street has cars, buses and lorries.
Those vehicles have people.
This post, however, is going nowhere.
Microblogvember mbnov

This post will be below average (be that mean, median, or mode) quality given I have given it minimal thought 🤡.
Microblogvember mbnov