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This post will be below average (be that mean, median, or mode) quality given I have given it minimal thought 🤡.
Microblogvember mbnov

The 🔑 to correct RS485 functionality is the right FTDI driver(s). 💻🐒
Microblogvember mbnov key

This morning my internet connection has been like a yo–yo 🙃

Mad dogs, and Englishmen mow, out in the midday sun ☀️

Jean’s Photo Challenge all at once…

1 min read

Hopefully @macgenie’s Patience will be rewarded 🙃

Movement — Technological progress is coming to the locality; Rapid charging in the supermarket car park

A Polar network rapid charger at the local Co–operative Food shop

Relaxation — circumperambulation of the local country roads

A photograph across the fields towards the East caost


Determination — I will get over 1 million points again…

Score of over 800 thousand points on Flash Gordon pinball

Support — supports on a 3D print of a spool holder ( a support 😁 )

A view of the printbed of a 3D printer, showing a finished print of a spool holder

Relief — when the 3D printer’s error message was only the hotend touching the metal fan shroud.

Ultimaker2 heater error displayed on its OLED display


Persistence — working one’s way through all the filaments of the spectrum, and re–printing when there is under–extrusion 😕

A Newtonian refractive selection of cable chain links in a rainbow of colours


Gratitude — I imagine everyone is thankful this epic splash of subject matter is over 😉


To be continued…?

I wonder if @cz would be interested in

Photos of sky restored to generation bulletins despite lack of daylight hours ⛅️

☀☀️ after ⛅️🌧

December Drizzle 🌧☔️